A Day In June

I put my shoes on, I get my groove on
I listen to a smooth song
Across the street is an old lady cutting out coupons
UBI, baby. I told her the other day while walking past
She said, what is that
Look it up, I told her

I saw a skateboarder, he did a kickflip
On a porch was a young woman applying lipstick
I wonder where she’s going, I thought
You going on a date?, I asked
No. I just like looking good
Fair enough, I said.

Now I head to the forest, where I’ll be spending my day
I’m gonna soak in nature
And come up with new nomenclature


My Queen

She ran into a room

I think Jose is crazy! He needs to be restrained – before he does more retarded shit. You’ve seen what he did already! Beyond retarded! So what do you say? Will you help me?

Yes, dear. I will help you.

The chair does a 180 degree turn. And it is revealed to be Jose who is sitting there.

She squints into the dark. A bit of moonlight shones on my face.



Perusing A Forest

It is what it is
Rollerblading thru a forest
I shot a grizz
Lee bear
With a crossbow
Blood on its fur
Bleed on its hair

I continued skating
Berating squirrels and little birdies
I looked at my compass
And it said the time was 3:30

One more hour before sundown
And the hunters with the nocturnal guns come out
They do not like the crossbow kid
Once I hid from six
Of them
And shot two with one
Arrow pierced thru them
And I ran off, almost got caught
But I’ve become faster ever since
These roller skates I bought


Thanksgiving In A Forest Nation

I live in a forest nation y’all
I don’t rake much
So the whole place is on fire and all
Oh wait I’m getting a call
*I answer phone*

Yeah hello?
What do you mean we ran out!?

Of pineapple jello!?
That’s my favorite dude
You are no longer my favorite dude
Go get some more before the store closes

Oh what do you mean at midnight nothing’s open?

I want pineapple jello!!!


A Helluva Chase

A naked babe ran thru the forest

I was hot on her heels disrobing as I ran

She said, no. no. never. you will never be my man

I reached out. Brushed the ends of her hair and the back of my hand swiped her baby smooth ass

I was like damn I gotta run faster

Why is it me you’re after?

Is what she said seconds before I dove and had her captured

I said baby, as I flipped her over, I love you

She said, fuck you…but I was already inside her