I Think I’m Makaveli

Daisy dukes and baby nukes
I learned how to
Make a nuke from scratch
The nuclear football
Was thrown at the President
Someone said “catch!”

I caught a nuke and threw
A Hail Mary – completed
Everyday I’m persevering
Everyday they think I’m defeated
I deflated the nuclear football
Like the Patriots cheating
They said, “who you got in the playoffs?”
I said the Bears. They’re still in it
They play this weekend



I went to Tennessee and witnessed
Peyton Manning play
For the Volunteers. He steered the offense magnificently. They won the game. Fans went insane. I asked why they go insane. It’s just a game. “Pride, bro,” someone said.

Yeah, when they win, we win, said a girl next to him. It has no direct impact on our lives. But still. It’s a mild thrill.

But where does it emanate from? I asked
Are you playing dumb? She asked.
Yeah. I am.
But, no I’m not, is what I thought.

So I’m either actually dumb or smart.

Sometimes you can be so smart that you’re actually dumb
Or you can be so dumb that you’re actually smart

No, you cant, she said

Oh shit, did I say that out loud?

Yeah you did