Rhymes About Fighting

I slam his face on the concrete and paint the street a primary color

I lift a man and carry him into a wall then knee him in the balls

I slap a guy so hard and quick it tears his lip

I punch a guy in the abdomen and while he gasps for air I hit em in the head with a big ass rock – I know that’s not fair

I kick a guy in the leg so he halfway falls then punch em in the face so he completely falls

I hit a guy like I’ve been dared and push em into a rocking chair

I hit a guy underneath the chin and I know I can do that, that’s why I grin


Star Power

Mental dentality salary kalarie jalarie joe
Paddle The Slope, the name of a band
Let’s throw hands, no Vans, just Nikes
Where they make em is frightening
Human rights violations, indeed
I don’t concede I just smoke weed
Until I bleed from my penis hole
I fucked J Cole while listening to Kendrick Lamar
I’m a star. Bitch, I’m a star
You won’t make it far
But me?
I’m a star



Envision these pigeons tryna vulture a falcon
Mothafucker I’m a falcon! Flying higher than Jose
On a crazy drug stupor night
Baby, do you want me to fight?
Kuz I’m down to bash a face in
Make a Native American face out of a Caucasian
Yeah, I’m so sure of it
Hell nah! I aint no puritan
If pain was on a scale of 1 to 10
I’ve endured a ten, bitch. And I’m still going
Stop hoing and take your place on the throne with me
Being alone with me…is like Wow, a night of excitement
I’m the Latino Mike Tyson
Remember that ya’ll


After-School Fights

A kid in your class
Pointing at the clock
And telling you, your ass is grass

Trying to concentrate but failing to
Because in a few hours you’ll have to wail on this dude
And him wailing on you

Everyone telling you with much glee
That they cannot wait to see
The fight occur
Your stomach turns, like damn
I wonder if anything can save me from this
And even if I avoid fighting today
Tomorrow I’ll come back to the same shit

Fucking kids!

Kids can be real jerks!
At a young age can be real assholes

At what age do kids start to become assholes?
At what age can they start to become assholes?

Is there a study on this?

Lotta drama & bullshit

Even as kids.


Morning Flow

I’m eating Cheerios, hoe
I’m in a cheery ol’ mood

I think I’m THAT dude

The party and the heart of it

Smashing thru an artifice

I fought so many niggas
I can write a book
called The Art of Fists

My craft is nice, my art is hip

Kill a mothafucker in a poem
And title it
The Art of Bitch

Then they’ll label me a heartless kid

You’re damn right I’m the type
To start some shit

Why the hell not?

In a way I’m like a bird
Because I’m shitting from up top