Rhyme Dominion

Illuminate a fool’s fate
He uses pink toothpaste

I wear black like the goths in highschool
A Hellish lecture, I fry a fool

But enough about fools, let’s talk about something cool
Like a gator on its hind legs walking, talking to a ladybug holding hands

“Baby?” *knocks on door lightly*

Me: No bitch! You can’t see my plans!

Ayo, I’m moving, I’m grooving, I’m walking upright on a wall
I kicked a door open knowing someone was in the stall

Hey y’all, is it just me or is it getting hot?
They asked me how I like it
I said, I like it a lot


An Awakening

I woke up
I was in Kentucky. Tied to a bed and a beautiful girl on top moaning, fuck me.

Am I getting raped? I thought. I don’t remember consenting. But this pleasure
I am not resenting. Hmm.
I’m thinking philosophically as she is on top of me
Fuck me, Plato. Fuck me.
Yeah it’s tattooed on your chest
When did I get this? What the fucks going on?
She put her thong on my head.
She finished at the same time as me and left me tied to the bed

The cops busted in minutes later

You’re under arrest.