Saying Bye To Maddy

She said, don’t go

I gotta go. I’m an angel. Angels have other people to attend to

Well at least I got fucked once by an angel. My friends are never gonna believe me.

No they prolly won’t

Aha! I took a picture of you, Angel. With just your boxers on

*Looks at phone in disbelief*

Wait why aren’t you showing up on here?!!

Angels are invisible…to the world of technology. . . Goodbye, Madeline


Christmas Flowski (The Gift)

The Lord is biblical
The cord? Umbilical
Political analytical thinker
Integral sinker
Of ships, critical winker
Tinker with this, bickering, pissed
Like The Legend of Zelda
With my dick, it’s protruding
I’m ruling, weaving tales
With the same ease that Moses parted
The damn sea
My tales, my tales,
I can tell you tales
I think I speak on behalf of most males


The Divine Mood

The cytoplasm of a back spasm
From now on
Gymnasium is pronounced gymnazum
New rule
Kinda like the Bill Maher segment
I’m writing a story about a guy named Darius Deglin
Well, I wasn’t but now I am.
Now that the name has occurred to me
I went to the studio
And the engineer called 9-1-1
It’s an emergency

I spy with my little eye
A small fry, nice and crispy
Remember in school, when kids used to say
Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me
Who’s the best? List me
And that’s it. The list ends there
I told my brother, there’s room for two at the top
Meet me there
Because in the history of brothers
There has never been a better pair
He said, no shit. I knew that already
I said, let’s go make ourselves proud
And also do it for Letty