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Random Dialogue Pt. 10

Officer 1: You think he’s ready?

Officer 2: Yeah he sounds ready. Let’s bring him in.

Officer 1: You know…some people do the craziest things.

Officer 2: He’s not crazy. He’s stupid.

Officer 1: Well…I wouldn’t be so sure.

Officer 2: We’re gonna see when we bring him in. We’re gonna get a good measure of him.

Officer 1: Yeah I actually can’t wait for that.

Officer 2: I bet you a small coffee he’ll start crying for his mommy.

Officer 1: Oh shit look at that. He just wrote a post addressing us talking about him.

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 9

Josh: I ain’t listening to no woman, god darn it. God damn no. No woman gonna tell me how to drive my tractor.

Josh’s Friend: Please. Josh! You gonna get your dumb self fired. Come on.

New Manager: Listen here, y’all! Josh over here don’t wanna work for no woman.

Janis: Send his ass home!

Josh: That’s right! I ain’t working for no goddamn woman! I done said that already. I ain’t gon repeat myself no mo.

New Manager: Josh. You ready for this?! You are fired, mister. Buh-bye.

Josh: Good! I’m glad I’m fired! I rather be fired than to work for some dumb……


I Came Home

*I came home*

Baby, I lost everything. My job, I lost it. My boss is a bitch.

Oh my goodness. Goodness gracious. 😮
What are we gonna do for money.

Nothing. It’s over. Everything is over. All our hopes and aspirations.

So what are you gonna do?

I’m just gonna sit here…and think about random things. If you want to leave, you can go. I can’t even be mad at that.

No. I still love you.

Thank you. But for how long? That’s the question

Forever *kiss on the cheek*

Studio audience: Awwww

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 8

Dave made his wife a burger.

Dave: I made you a burger.

Molly: Thanks. I hope it doesn’t suck like last time.

Dave: Every fuckin time! You always have to talk shit. Why can’t you just say, “gee thanks Dave for the burger.”

Molly: Ok. Thanks Dave for the burger.

*Molly takes a bite*

Molly: It actually sucks a little less than last time.

Dave: That does it!

Molly: Where are you going?

Dave: I’m going out with the boys. At least they know how to treat a man!

Molly: Alright. You better not call me later crying.

Dave: I never do that.

*Later that night*

Dave: Oh my God, Molly. I love you. Just – please tell me my burgers are good.

Molly: Your burgers are good

Dave: Thank you!

Molly: At making me not want to eat. Haha.

Dave: Seriously? I’m about to throw myself in front of a car.

Molly: Great. One less shitty burger maker in the world.

Dave’s Friend: Dave! What are you doing?

Dave: I’m talking to my wife!

Dave’s Friend: What is she saying?!

Dave: She’s saying good things!

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 7

She fell out of love with an artist. This is the story of Tarina Oh and The Artist.

Tarina Oh: You don’t make art like you used to.

The Artist: An artist is always growing. Even now I’m growing.

Tarina Oh: I’m leaving you. I found another artist.

The Artist: Well, I could be upset. But why be that? I appreciated your company. I’m better for having had it. So…I’m looking at it from that perspective.

Tarina Oh: Well. Fuck. I thought you were gonna start crying.

The Artist: Who’s this other artist, if you don’t mind me asking.

Tarina Oh: His name is…his name is…

The Artist: Tarina.

Tarina Oh: What?

The Artist: There is no other artist, is there?

Tarina Oh: No.

The Artist: Take your time finding one. There are plenty of them out there.

Tarina Oh: Ok. Bye Mr. Artist

The Artist: Bye, babe.

Tarina Oh: Can I still see your work from time to time?

The Artist: Yeah you can drop in any time.

Tarina Oh: Ok. Bye Mr. Artist. For real this time.

The Artist: Bye, Tarina.

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Random Dialogue Pt. 6

She fell in love with an artist. This is the story of Yani Olga & The Artist.

Yani Olga: Hello Mr. Artist.

The Artist
: Go away Olga. I’m working on something major.

Yani Olga: Can I see?

The Artist: No Olga. You can see later. When I release my work to the world.

Yani Olga: But you said one of the perks of being with you is that I can see what you’re doing.

The Artist
: Olga, if you don’t get out of here …

*The Artist begins to take his belt off*

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 5

Agnus Barker: This Memorial Day, will you be taking a break?

Zeke Tyler: Nah, woman. I never heard of no damn break. I’ma be in the studio, in the lab, with some peeps and some bitches. We gon make it do what it do, ya heard?

Agnus Barker: But aren’t you going to take time to think about those who died in the war?

Zeke Tyler: Which war?

Agnus Barker: I don’t know, to be honest. All of them?

Zeke Tyler: Man, it don’t even matter. All them dead soldiers can suck my dick. It’s they dumb asses that went to war. I don’t believe in that war shit. Like for real. Get out of my face with that microphone, ya heard?

Agnus Barer: Ok. You heard the man. This is Agnus Barker reporting live for Complex.com.