Nobody understands me

These were the words of a bodyguard named Bambi

He worked for a guy who sold cocaine for the eyes

Meaning, you rub cocaine in your eyes

And you get high

Bambi, he

Was depressed but he

Still had to protect

He was the most depressed bodyguard

Of all time

The History Channel wanted to do

A special on him

Bambi said, but why the History Channel?

The executive said, because you’re living in the past


The New Fad

The new fad is to be openly depressed
I confess I may have made it popular
But that was not my intention, I was just being me
I saw a woman go on a shopping spree
And when she got home she felt depressed
But that night she got dressed like a person happy
And at the party all she radiated was joy

When a guy who shall remain unnamed
Showcased the face of gloom
He truly did, He truly did
He truly did light up the room