A Day In June

I put my shoes on, I get my groove on
I listen to a smooth song
Across the street is an old lady cutting out coupons
UBI, baby. I told her the other day while walking past
She said, what is that
Look it up, I told her

I saw a skateboarder, he did a kickflip
On a porch was a young woman applying lipstick
I wonder where she’s going, I thought
You going on a date?, I asked
No. I just like looking good
Fair enough, I said.

Now I head to the forest, where I’ll be spending my day
I’m gonna soak in nature
And come up with new nomenclature


Jose Has Left The Building


I ran into Matthew

He was selling cherry

Encrusted cashews

I’m like damn, that sounds good, how much?

He said, for you? a thousand bucks

That’s a little pricey

Then Matthew noticed

The building I was coming out of

He said, what were you doing

In there? In there, what were you doing?

His finger pointed, it shone

Underneath the streetlight

2 minutes ago it was mid-afternoon

And now a dark warm summer night?

I said, let’s take a walk my friend

I got a story worth a thousand cashews


Happy Mother’s Day, Bitch

It was Mother’s Day…

Mothar Mal curled up by a window
And with her dumb face she stared up

Mothar Mal began to read a book
But lost interest after the first page

She called her dog over
A Mowitzi named Rage

Next thing you know
Mothar Mal gets a call
You’ve been diagnosed with AIDS
You have one second to live

*One second passes*

She falls and the phone bumps off her head

Happy Mother’s Day, Mothar Mal, said the physician.


The Loneliest Lad

I admit it I’m alone. But honestly I like being alone EXCEPT for one or two hours in the day. For one or two hours in a day I wish I had a cool girlfriend. That’s it! Take away that hour or two and I’m completely fine by myself.

Those couple of hours really take a toll on me. Sad! Funny thing is, when I get a cool girlfriend I’m only gonna want to spend one or two hours per day on her…maybe she’ll be ok with that. Wouldn’t that be ideal?!

I admit it I’m alone. People think it’s creepy for me to be alone….as if being alone is a brand new concept. Nope. It’s been going on since time immemorial, folks…

That’s all for now.