There were two giant mice
Who ate rice with the common folk
And they bit the people’s heads off
Kuz..they would come into the restaurant
And sit next to them, the mice

The mice ate rice with a spoon and a fork
Silverware, dork

Natasha, she came in with a fake shotgun
But it turned out to be real and so
She actually committed suicide

The mice ran to her aid
And the manager got mad
Because they did not paid

Anyway this is the story
Of big mice


Picking Up Chicks

I saw honey at the grocery store
She was bending over checking meat out
I had to reach out
And pinch it
She said Ow but was Smiling tho
I’m like what’s your name
She said, they call me Tylenol

Interesting name, I spit game like a champ do
She said, sweety what’s your name
I said, well in the streets they call me Matthew

Now we at the crib tussling with the blankets
I ain’t shorty’s father but fa sho I had to spank it
Now she like how many Benjamin Franklins do ya got
I said, I got a new credit card…so you can say I have a lot