ART hritis

She has arthritis in her tits

She said, Jose I need you to take me to the hospital

For what?

I have arthritis – in my tits.

Is that even possible?

It is. I’m the first case. They want to name the disease after me

Wow. Well at least you get that.

Yeah. So can you take me?


Thanks babe. You’re the best.

Hey, I’m just doing what any decent person would.

No. You’re better than a decent person. . . You are a great person.



Tomorrow Is Not Valentine’s Day

Holidays are overrated
I once dated a jaded
She said we artists
Should stick together
I said I couldn’t agree more
We spent time at the seashore

We ran into a guy who was in the military
He was an E-4
He said I just got word from base
An outbreak has broken out. Run!
We had our scuba gear on
So we just dove into the sea
The deep blue sea


Fucking Someone In The Streets

Like the title says,

Fucking someone in the streets

All you saw was feet

She said, baby fuck me harder

Do you kapeesh

Yes, my dear. Is it weird a homeless guy is watching us?

No that’s not weird at all. These days it’s the norm

Fucking someone in the street

Fucking someone in the streets

Fucking someone in the streeties

Her name was Storm

Last name Corn



Journey with me
Ernie & Steve
Journie with me
Rise early & see

When you venture with
A wild temperament
Into the temples of Macedonia
You become an automatic existentialist persona

Hug your panties, hold em tight to your chest
You’re witnessing the best
I’ma mass shooting away
From going down as a legend
I’m stepping with the bounce of Arabia
And Princess Jasmine told Aladdin, Lick my labia