What Is Poor? (I’ll Tell You)

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this but if not fuck it

Within the context of my family I’m not poor but outside the context of my family I am poor. Meaning that I can’t afford independence. That’s what it means to be poor in my eyes.

Put two hands up if you understand what I’m saying.

Also if you CAN afford independence…meaning no roommate, no government assistance, but you’re barely scraping by (e.g bare essentials despite full-time work) then I would also define that as poor.

UBI will help more Americans afford independence. And that is true liberty.


Chicago Taxes

A license is precious to have
The city uses the cover of safety
To tax the shit out of people
Not knowing a single ticket
Can ruin a teetering
Financial stability
I can attest to this
They want to squeeze every nickel
I have. Every dime I will earn
The city wants me to earn for them
Instead of taxing higher the rich
They want to suck hard
On poverty’s tit

I always had this proposal in mind
I think it is smart, I think it’s not dumb
Make the price of a ticket proportional
To the driver’s income

Traffic tickets are supposed to be punitive
How punitive is a $100 ticket
To a guy driving a tub on wheels
Bathing in riches


On The Haiku…

Honestly, I don’t know why the haiku is so celebrated. It’s just a random decree about the length of three lines. Like wooowww. Ok. Who was the brilliant Jap that thought of this? I write haikus from time to time and sometimes I’m like… I can’t believe this is even a thing. I’m gonna make up my own set of rules for a piece of writing and give it a name. Yup.


The Observer Who Comments

I was raised on the streets
I had not a thing to eat except
A breath of air, and not even fresh
In school I took tests, pure memorization
No practicality, hops
Banality rocks
In a world that dreads boredom
We ensured its antithesis
In the highest office
This is my rocker, I’m off this
Some people are born with no towel to toss in
Woe is they, I am repping for they
Kuz some people have too many problems
To blog about them all day