A Testy Exchange

At least I don’t live in my mom’s basement!, she shouted.

Yeah well at least my mom isn’t gonna die next month

How do you know that? How do you know that! Mama’s boy!

Well…at least I’m trying really hard to get out

Really hard? Oh sweety, you spend all day writing on your blog. You poor soul. Now I just feel sorry for you.

Don’t feel sorry for me. Have a party for me. Bitches, balloons, Bacardi, and weed. And let niggas know that I died with the heart of a G.

What’s that?

Juelz Santana. Check him out.

Maybe I will!!

*Puts on headphones*

*3 minutes pass*

Great song. Oh Jose. This would all be so much better if you were successful.

I am successful – in my own eyes.

Studio Audience: Awwww

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 3

Manga: i never fucked a blogger before. I’m a virgin when it comes to bloggers

Mick: well brace yourself, sweety. It’s a ride like no other. I’ma tear that ass up.

Manga: are you gonna tear it out the frame?

Mick: yup.

*A brief moment passes*

Manga: what?

Mick: umm. I’m sorry. I really am but can you go into the bathroom and shave your pussy?

Manga: umm. ok. Only because I’m really eager to fuck a blogger

*Mick crosses his arms behind his head and stares up at the ceiling*

*We hear the noise from a mechanical razor*

Mick: I’m the best.


The Great Escape

Man I’m one hell of a trickster
I tricked you all into believing
What I wanted you to believe
Even now I’m achieving that
A thieving cat, I ran out the backdoor and none of you saw me
Aww please. Save your rebuttals
I’m too subtle for detection
Just know the day of reckoning is coming
She looked at her and said, you can no longer be my husband


The Loneliest Lad

I admit it I’m alone. But honestly I like being alone EXCEPT for one or two hours in the day. For one or two hours in a day I wish I had a cool girlfriend. That’s it! Take away that hour or two and I’m completely fine by myself.

Those couple of hours really take a toll on me. Sad! Funny thing is, when I get a cool girlfriend I’m only gonna want to spend one or two hours per day on her…maybe she’ll be ok with that. Wouldn’t that be ideal?!

I admit it I’m alone. People think it’s creepy for me to be alone….as if being alone is a brand new concept. Nope. It’s been going on since time immemorial, folks…

That’s all for now.