NoWay Jose

Doctrinaire, cocky stare
You out of air? Not me
Inflammatory statements
Welcome to my basement
Where wonderful things happen
At any moment I can start rapping

Yo residing in the ghetto
Concrete jungle, never meadows
Taking off a dimepiece’s stilettos
Feel like Beto only difference is
I didn’t lose, fuck a brew, too much sedation makes me blue
I’ma pill popper, thrill shopper, doctor shopping hoodlum
“Jose, you lost your touch”
I say haha that’s a good one
I’m never falling you permanently stalling
I went out into the world to find my calling
And my calling, the whole time, was at my home
I’m going thru my phone, admiring pictures of my exes
Rekindling connections
Maybe I’ll call em up to bone