Cool Ass Adele

I met Adele at an award show and that whore showed
So much cleavage it turned me on
She was with her boyfriend Vincent Wong
I told her, ditch the nerd, I got my ride waiting outside
She did as told and now we’re having the time of our lives
She says she wants something serious
I said, I’m the type of guy who’s into having multiple wives

She said…that’s cool



Hard-Earned Relaxation

But back to chill mode
The glass ceiling is so low
I shattered it a long time ago
I’m smoking purple haze
You heard of the strain?
I like to hear the sound of water as it goes down the drain
Melodic, hypnotic. While you listen to tunes robotic
Memory episodic. I’m jottin’ you rotting
Dotting the lotting
Nothing left to do
But burn this blunt and fantasize sexually
About the girl at the casino
Who just a few hours ago was in the car next to me
(I drove her home)


A Nice Girl

I told the girl at the casino…thanks for giving me a chance. I know I’m supposed to act like this is no big deal. But I can’t help it. I want to be truthful. This means a lot to me.

Why Jose? What’s wrong?
(She began looking at me with scrutiny, and she began thinking I was no longer hot).


But instead…

She said, well whatever. I’m glad I’m with you and that you’re giving me a chance. My last boyfriend – ugh! He was so boring, he never talked about anything interesting. You’re way better.

I was like wow. I feel good about myself!


The Good News Is…

I did something incredibly childish
I gave a girl a note
Handwritten like kids used to do
Her eyes said Who are you
And so I told her in my preferred choice of communication
She replied, dropped off the note in my car as I was smoking, my occupation

I was nervous but now I’m the opposite of nervous
And I’m thinking, this is too good to be true
Nah. I deserve this


A Great Battle

I rode a gator into battle. No shield just a sword. I didn’t expect to get hit. I threw the sword like a frisbee and popped a guy’s Adam’s apple like an exploding berry. Then I reached for my sling shot and stoned a whole army to death. That final scene in Braveheart, that was the kind of army I was facing. No need to worry, I told my gator not to hurry. As we strolled past the field riddled with bodies like landmines.

My gator was thirsty so I let it drink from a creek. Someone snuck up behind us and my gator instantly bared his teeth. It was a sweet babe from the village I was about to raid. I told my gator chill.

We made sweet love in the marshes. Next day I dipped. She woke up just in time to see me disappear from the scene. Just a boy and his gator.


Rape Fantasy

I saw a hot babe
Walk into a house
Front door open. I thought
What if I just walked in and raped her?
I mean, I could do it. It’ll come at a price. But if I wanna pay the price I’m free to do it. And if I do it, I’ll probably end up having to kill myself. To avoid earthly punishment. Perhaps avoid it all together. But I have no gun on me. And I’d have to do some crazy shit like slit my wrist. And that I won’t do. I’d have to run away and hide out. Masturbate to the memory of the rape until I’m found out.
She walked out. And closed the trunk. Groceries in hand as she walked back up the steps.
I can imagine myself fucking her from the back while sucking menacingly on her neck.
What if she wanted it and didn’t view it as a rape. It’s all about perspective. What are the chances? Even if this is her fantasy…I can help her live it out…and what if in the end she thanked me and I walked out. Not as a rapist but as a spontaneous fantasy pleaser. If we both want it…man idk.

I’ll drive away and ponder more at home