Kiss my novel, suck my anthology
I’m the one who invented months
Just so I could invent astrology
And the stars? Invented for the same purpose
I see hookers on the street
Selling pussy that’s nearly worthless
But as a whole they are far from worthless
I have a soft spot for struggling women, y’all
I got a call from Hercules
He said, you better make an effort Herculean
I said I think the Mayans are European
What are you seeing that I am not, he asked
Suddenly I saw a building turn into a giant flask
The task force ran out of tasks
So lawmakers invented more
The dentist sore. The dentist soar
I explore the core of the mango flave
I hit the jackpot when I stumbled into the Mango Cave
I saw someone in there
I said, you can leave
But the mangos stay
Hip Hip



Christmas, All Hail

This poetry shit has been a great gift. A gift of immeasurable utility. Anyone who is anyone should write poetry or partake in some other form of writing. A lot of people talk, I write. Why waste precious breath?

This Christmas give yourself the gift of writing and watch your self-expression soar like a falcon wearing a jetpack. I recommend purchasing a WordPress account. Carve out your little space online, why don’tcha?

This Christmas give yourself the gift of writing.

Merry Christmas, everyone 😎