No Home-O

If not for my parents…I might be homeless
I’m 26 and if not for my parents
I could very well be homeless
I’m so lucky because my mom
She says I can stay here forever

Obviously I don’t want to
But I can’t afford to live
Somewhere else
And I’m 26!
Am I supposed to be embarrassed?
If not for my parents…I might be homeless

And that is NOT sexy

Sometimes reality is not sexy

Sometimes it is


A Rare Bird

Step into the church where the flock spaces out
The atheist pastor presides over a congregation in doubt

I flew South for Easter and bought a plane, three-winged
I had dinner with kings and slept with the servants
It rains Xanax for he who is nervous
I asked a lost man for my purpose
He told me: Get lost!

I came across a pond
And from underneath the water you heard songs
The musical notes made little ripples
As they reached the surface they dispersed
I put my ear to the pond, and heard

I swung the fiscal sword and slashed the budget militarily
Missile manufacturers were stunned by my severity
I traced a ball of yarn back into a barn
And saw a cow fucking a chicken – much to my alarm

I returned to Chicago, not a cent richer
I told my girl knowledge is a liquid
And the brain, it is a pitcher
Mine is overflowing now it’s spilling into yours
She said, Jose you are sick
& I’m glad there’s not a cure



Poverty has no race

Everyone who is in poverty is the same race

Anyone who makes $40,000 a year or less…is of the same race

Arbitrary threshold, I made it up, so what?

Everyone who is not rich is of the same race

Poverty and wealth is a race

There are two races, Poverty and Wealth

You can be born into one race or the other

If you work hard, you can change your pigmentation and slowly morph from Poverty to Wealth

It is very unlikely you morph races

Poverty is a race


More Real Shit

When I write I’m a kite
I make my own winds and take flight
At night I ponder, I’m a thinker
I’m the healthier choice
Get drunk off my words so you don’t become a drinker

So let’s see, now what am I thinking?
I’m thinking damn either women have a nervous twitch around me
Or it’s at me they’re always winking

Peeping my aesthetics
I told a hottie down the street, spend the night with me
And I bet you won’t regret it

Politics is on my mind
What will be different based on how the country voted?
And if nothing ever changes for the better
Then what’s the point of voting?

And of course the never-ending task to promote myself
To the level of wealth
I’m talking the kind of money that’ll support you well until you die
Kuz really all I wanna do is write and get high
Is that a crime? Well to Jeff Sessions it would be
But he’s been FIRED – Aww you want a cookie?