I’m a fag
I’m the world’s greatest fag
Never has there been
A fag more faggety
I play football
Just so other men can tackle me

I am a fag
Top of the line
A fag divine
I’m the leader of the fags
I keep other fags in line

I went to the gas station
For an Arizona and some gas
And I almost forgot to add
Can I get a pack of fags?
Which ones?
I take another drag


So Amazing

BANG BANG. I train man
To tan true fuck a spray tan
A lone wolf outweighs clans
That’s the power of the solo cause
Oh no! Jaws!!
I came back to get ya like a clause in a contract
Shoulda read the whole thing
The Solo King. There’s only one kingdom, ya’ll
If you heard different you’re tripping off PCP
They be looking at me like they’ve seen E.T.
I bought a 2019 Mustang GT
Hop in. Let’s take a road trip to Compton
Or Stockton. To see if it’s as bad as they say
Who’s they? Rappers and common knowledge
I think I’m ruggedly polished
I demolish the vanguard with poems galore
I think the floor is the roof and the roof is the floor
I rode my Mustang to the store
I purchased hot Cheetos and dip
I saw a Blood and a Crip and they were both talking shit
A cashier pulled out a mirror and popped off her forehead a zit
I think I’m a baller legit, like Twist and the Mobstaz Speedknot
I’m drinking a lot of water so I pee a lot
I’m feeling like I needa jot or spontaneously I’ll combust
I told a stockgirl my dick is hard and I need it sucked
I’m bumping beats with my speakers from Sony
They inspire more rhymes
And hell yeah I have time
So much time on my hands
It’s as if I hold the Desert Sahara
In my pleasurable hands