Reiterating reiterations

Making proclamations that lead to my coronation

Fantasizing about playing tennis but I can’t afford the classes 😦

Anticipating clashes many faces could be bashed in

A National Emergency has been declared, the military budget – take money from there

If I pound my chest I think I’m Ric Flair

I ride around in Corvettes

The same color as air


World Flow

I’m too real, man. In a way, it’s a gift
What’s with this shit about American tits?
American bliss. I feel bliss American
I dare the gin to take a double shot of a human
Fumin’? No
Few oppose Jose
But then again
Few even know Jose
I invite more people to know me
Invite more people to oppose me
I wish the whole world would oppose me
Just to see how I’ll react
In fact, I factor in the dancer in the coffee room
Toffe yoon
Like Topher Grace my hair
I wear what I wear
Without a tenth of one care


Level 2

The gallant brilliant savant responds
Taunt civilians’ jaunts – a lot

The Nightingale is young like night
The flight, the sail, the lungs
Inhale light

I came to bring desa
To your preppa
The nation waits
For the return of its lost boy
Its saving grace

The circumstance of France is bananas
The struggle of Joe and his girlfriend, Joanna

The mangy metropolis is corrupt like George Popadopoulos
And on top of this, the kiss the wind gives the city is a farewell of no pity

As an observer I must
Document, plus
Give my own take
On what occurs in the city
The city by the Lake

I’m magnificent yes, the best genes can construct
The art is my heart, the art is redux

The Audience: *deafening applause*