Press Conference

2nd Question

Jose…how are you feeling today?

I don’t know man. I’m not feeling any particular way. Umm I am happy that many people are now reading my writing. And we’ll see what the verdict is. Do more people than not agree that this is what life is like for them.

But wait if I could just interrupt for a moment…some of the stuff you say is just plain off putting. Do you see any value in that? I don’t understand so if you could just –

Yeah. Well, umm…if people find what I write off putting, so be it. I just hope those people can compartmentalize and appreciate other aspects of my writing. And really I just hope for empathy for both the good and bad.

Wow that may be alot to ask for, sir.

Ok. Next question.

Looking back on everything that’s happened…do you have any regrets?

Press Conference

1st Question

Jose, umm, what would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?

Umm…honestly I think I would have been a farmer…yeah most likely…I like to farm. I farm good. I’m just blessed, man, that this writing shit presented itself as an opportunity to improve my surroundings and get out of the situation I was in. I don’t think I would have achieved the same success through farming. But I mean…that’s probably what I would have ended up doing if it wasn’t for writing..

Thank you.

Next question.


It’s Kind Of Like Crank

I’m a hotshot. I walk with an edge
My kisses taste like an orange wedge
I think I’m the best at negging a girl
But I only go nuclear on a chosen few
She chose me to be her boo
I’m like, koo

That ain’t no sweat
We got a gallon of jet fuel
For one big ass jet
It’s charted
Whatever that means
I walked into the living room
And saw a random movie scene
Should I sit down to watch?
Is what I asked myself internally
In a split second I made the decision
Not to. I walked into my room and saw my laptop open
I said, fuck it. I got to.
That ain’t even no choice
Someone should make a movie
About a guy who dies
If he doesn’t write
For over a week
Kind of like Crank
That guy had to be
An adrenaline junkie