The World Is Deluxe

The whole word. The whole world, it admires me

If the world was a person it would keep a diary

And mention Jose. Jose the world would mention

The world is relentless like my writing skills. Watch how I pen this 👀

I’ma send you to the dentist when a couple teeth I knock them out

I went fishing and put in my pants a flaming trout

I’m friends with Tom Hanks and I made out once with Courtney Love

For a whole month I pissed in a jug. That’s how long it took to fill up the tub

I bathed in it, true. It’s funny but that’s the type of shit I do

How I jot it is so… something. What’s the adjective I’m looking for?…

I told my old lady, I just ordered pizza. Whatchu cooking for?

Put the spatula down, sweety.