Polar Vortex

If in the end I’m successful then I’m a genius
If I’m not then I still am
Kuz damn I just jot it so true
Someone needs to subsidize what I do
I’ll probably buy a nice little cabin
And write out of there
And I’ll stare out the window till I think of a line
I think that’ll happen
One day it will
Till then I just chill



Would we have made a great couple? Maybe. The world will never know. The world may have been robbed of something truly special. Perhaps together we would have been more powerful, more impactful, than we are apart.

It’s always fun to muse over counterfactuals and so I sometimes ponder what could have been. Those thoughts are the stuff dreams are made of. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be living your dream.


Breaking News

I’m going back to school, y’all. To finish my degree. I mean…I’m only a few credits shy, I might as well finish. And get this! If I go back to school my student loan payments will be deferred for up to two years after I graduate. Yes, they are already charging me. And so going back to school is a good idea on a couple of fronts. I made up my mind. That’s what’s next for Jose. I can’t wait, man. I just wanna finish. I kind of feel refocused and revitalized about it. Can’t wait to start!