Below The Fray

Here’s what I discovered: poverty is not very masculine. Even the poorest of men feel compelled to act like everything is fine…because complaining is also not masculine. But if you don’t complain, it must be assumed that everything is fine.

Here is what I discovered: poverty is not very masculine

How about a violent revolution: that is very masculine

Stand by for further instructions.


A Stranger’s Generosity

Earlier this month I got a single donation. It was for $1,000. The note said, Keep going young lad. At first, I thought it was my uncle kuz he checks up on me a lot. But he doesn’t call me lad. No one I know does. So it must have been a stranger. Whoever it was, I’m very appreciative. They say the best form of giving is anonymous. Because you can’t expect anything in return. No good publicity, no praise, no anything. But thank you anyway to whoever it was.

My point is: y’all better start donating! Lol.

Where are all the millionaires at? I need some millionaires to start reading my stuff 🤗


To Read A Novel

It’s a perfect day to read a novel
Which novel should I read?
Every time I read a good novel
I think damn…I’ll never read a novel
As good as this one!

Now I’m thinking…should I read
A more modern novel or an older novel
I have this bias: I think all the best novels
Were written last century
I almost never read 21st century novels
Hmm…maybe I’m just old fashioned