Love Dove (Call Me That)

I’m at peace
With loving someone
Who doesn’t love me back
Hey, maybe I fall in love later
And my love for her will be replaced
That can happen, a lot of things can happen
I throw a beat on, I feel like rappin’
Maybe make a love song
About her, maybe someday she’ll hear it
Rap it to her on my bedside
I know, I’m getting cheesy
That’s just where my feelings reside


Love Her

I love her like tortillas, like the hottest enchilada
I love her like a rap song, I love her like a pizza baked Hawaiian
I love her like the slang I use, love her like a joyster
I don’t even hate her, I just like annoying her
Annoying them, I stand tall amongst annoying men
That’s the crowd I roll with
I told her whole family I love her
They said, no shit



I blast you with two nines
Get your spine struck and your heart tipped
3 bullets rip the curtains behind you
I pull out a third nine
And walk around the house
Reciting absurd rhymes
As I chase your wife around
I pop the cannon at her legs
And make her dance in place
One bullet clips her toe and she goes
I tell her I’m about to let her go
Just give me a kiss
She did …

And I left!