Sonnet Man

Satanic Saturday splatter matter at Hooray
Shattered moon rocks in my tube socks make my Jordans drip
Look into the crass Pastor’s face as I MASTURBATE
Boarding a ship, Ed Norton’s fist, and Freudian slips

Ok. Mr. Sonnet Man. Da chronic is lee-gal
Malcontents pay rent and glide the marsh to scrap a change
Chal. Chow mein pals. Watch the fellas living in ree-gals
Streets called Canal, guy named Sal, lying in the bus lane

Fuck. A truck, guess 100 bucks to fill it neatly
Pride Parade like everyday, thus I tire of faggots
To meet me is collision, Parks could not unseat me
A can of paint ain’t the trick, slice a wrist and tag it

Now to end it, I can end in so many fashions
Jump into the teller’s arms that is what I’m cashing


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