Emillio Nare

A Fine Barber

Sitting in a barber’s chair
Barber is not there
Only my glare
My barber is named Emilio Nare

He’s running late
His car stopped on a train track
Someone was giving him a jump
But just then the horn of a train blared

You shoulda told me, dude
You should go home and get some rest
Nah, dude. Now I really need the money
Damn. I feel you dude

I needed that car to take my kid to school too, bro
And my baby momma uses it to get to work. She’s off today. She still dont know about it.
UBI, man. It would really help in a situation like this.
Please, man. I don’t want to get into politics right now.
Well politics affects our lives. In one way or another.
Ok. So what is UBI again?
Well. In Andrew Yang’s mind. It’s a $1,000 stipend every American gets from the age of 18.

Every month, right?
Yeah I think I remember
Yeah man. And between you and your girl, you’d have enough to buy a decent whip within a few months
That’d be dope. But we dont live in that world bro.
But we can.

Alright man. Here’s 30
Thanks dude
*I give my barber a hug*


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