Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 7

She fell out of love with an artist. This is the story of Tarina Oh and The Artist.

Tarina Oh: You don’t make art like you used to.

The Artist: An artist is always growing. Even now I’m growing.

Tarina Oh: I’m leaving you. I found another artist.

The Artist: Well, I could be upset. But why be that? I appreciated your company. I’m better for having had it. So…I’m looking at it from that perspective.

Tarina Oh: Well. Fuck. I thought you were gonna start crying.

The Artist: Who’s this other artist, if you don’t mind me asking.

Tarina Oh: His name is…his name is…

The Artist: Tarina.

Tarina Oh: What?

The Artist: There is no other artist, is there?

Tarina Oh: No.

The Artist: Take your time finding one. There are plenty of them out there.

Tarina Oh: Ok. Bye Mr. Artist

The Artist: Bye, babe.

Tarina Oh: Can I still see your work from time to time?

The Artist: Yeah you can drop in any time.

Tarina Oh: Ok. Bye Mr. Artist. For real this time.

The Artist: Bye, Tarina.


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