A Story About Pregnancy

I drove a man to an abortion clinic

I said “hurry up! We can’t be seen!”

A bunch of protestors start throwing shit at us. A bullet whizzes by. A can of Coke bounces off my head. The guy I’m escorting is covered with a blanket. “C’mon. Let’s go.”

He stops to look at me: “Thank you man. I really mean it. Thank you.”

“Thank me later!! Hurry the fuck up!”

Baby killer!!! Have a baby!!! Baby Killer!!! I’m gonna fucking kill you!!! And your driver!!! Baby Killer!!

*Ok we’re inside now*

“Doc, hurry up. He needs to have the procedure. Quick!”

“Ok. Ok. You need to hold them off for 30 minutes.”

*20 minutes later*

“Doc hurry up!!! I can’t hold em off much longer!!!”


***Me, the doctor, and the pregnant man appear on the 5 o’clock news. We were all murdered by a mob. And I guess the baby got murdered too, even though it was only a few months old.***



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