I turned on the news
The news anchors said, Can you hear us

Yes I can hear you

Knock twice if you can hear us

Ok. Now open your hand and reach into the TV, almost like your cautiously trying to raise your hand to a fire to keep it warm

Ok. I’m doing it…. whoa

Now I’m in studio wearing a suit, sitting behind a desk

Welcome to the news, I began. Today we will tell you about how raising the minimum wage will destroy the economy.

*I look away from the teleprompter.*

Umm I actually think the minimum wage should be raised to $20.

Are you fucking serious?!@@ You’re fucking nutz boy! You’re fired.

Well at least I said what I believe

Oh you think you’re so cool. You think you’re the first to do that? Get the fuck out of here man!

*And now I’m back in my room.*


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