A Knight Downtown

I got a schematic tatted
A knight with hair that’s matted
His helmet off, a blade split
The top half of his head flew
A face lift

I trace shit to its origins, a detective with shorts on

Morphine morons and egalitarian merry men

Went to a jazz club, heard Terry and The Men

New band? I asked the waitress
Yes, it would seem, she said.

Why say “it would seem” when “apparently” would suffice?

I swung at life, I swung twice
It did bust back
Shorty on me bed doing blow
She say she love that
Wow, what kind of coke is this?
The best kind apparently
Now she’s talking reckless
Saying she wants to marry me
Why ruin a good thing with marriage?
Let’s just get the baby carriage

But wait! One more year of fun!
Fuck it, why not two!
Fuck it, why not three!
Fuck it, why not four!
Alright four more years then we’ll get serious


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