Milita, my real name is Milita.

So why do you call yourself Sasha?

Because…that’s how I introduced myself to Matt…and I thought, why not go with it.

Well yeah, why not go with it?

She pulled out a little mirror and began doing her little makeup

Sasha is an overused name anyway


No not really. But when I said it I felt like it was true to say. But now reflecting on it a few seconds later, I recall never meeting anyone by that name.

Until you met me.

Well, technically your name is not Sasha. So I never met a Sasha.

Suddenly a Tiger began to fuck a Horse and a Horse began to eat the pussy of a Rabbit.

What’s going on here, asked Milita.

Idk, said Jose.

What do you mean you don’t know? It’s your fantasy!


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