How Does Matthew Look?

Matthew, he was hot in the conventional sense. “What does it mean to look hot in the conventional sense,” he asked his girlfriend, who had just paid him that compliment.

Mmm. Idk. You’re tall. You have a nice ass. Cute little cheeks. And relaxed eyes.

“What does it mean to have relaxed eyes,” asked he.

Shut up already. You’re becoming annoying.

“Hey, don’t talk to me like that! I am your man!!!!….jk. I don’t really care about what you’re saying.”

Hey, someone’s texting you.

“It’s Jose. He’s coming to pick me up. We’re probably going to go eat somewhere.”

Oh. Can we have him over. I’m already making dinner.

“Idk. Jose’s been acting…weird lately.”

Isn’t that his whole thing…that he’s weird

“No. But now he’s…”

A rock smashes thru the apartment window

Matthew and his girlfriend look outside and see a dark figure with coconut tree hair.

Hey, what’s up?

It’s Jose! Send him up!

“Wait you’re not mad!,” he asked.

No, I have extra money saved up. I’ll pay for the window myself.

*20 minutes later*

What’s in this soup, asked Jose.

It’s love with a dash of love.

Wow. Love has –

“Never tasted better!”

Matt’s good at finishing my sentences,

Said Jose.


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