She inserted one of those zigzag straws into an anus

And began drinking

On the bar lay the source of anus, ass

The ass was perched there like a cooked turkey

And I was like, hello. I walked up

And she was caught off guard and so she spit out a little shit at me

She said, omg I’m sorry. And she cleaned it up with a napkin (or at least tried)

I was like, excuse me. Can I get what she’s having?

And I pierced it with my straw and drank. And then she took her straw and wiggled it into my ass and we were both drinking from the same ass.

I was a little mad because it tasted good. I’m like, order another one for yourself… whore

Yeah you’re dressed like a whore

You’re just mad I’m not your whore

Bitch! I don’t care about you, whore.

“Fuck you asshole!,” she said.


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