A Race Against Time

She said, Jose it’s only a matter of time

I know, I said. I was looking out at the city from atop the Seattle Space Needle.

Josedo you have anything poetic you want to say?

No. Let’s just talk about some random shit.

She tucked the spiral notebook away

Ok. Like what?

A guy on a farm planting Lucky Charms…and two weeks later rainbows grow from the ground

Yao Ming in a baby stroller

A shop where you sell wigs made out of pubic hair

A guy who wakes up as a pear

Like, literally?

Yeah. Literally. A guy who wakes up as a pear.

A Rubik’s triangle

A table top with the head of a talking Kurt Angle

A strange angel taking an underground train to CangoI mean Congo

Having sex with Jennifer Lopez in the movie AnacondoI mean Anaconda

That sounds hot!

Eating a bagel smeared with turtle tears under the glow of a blacklight chandelier

A shovel that can be flipped around and be used as a rake

A guy who smokes cigarettes and stares at a lake





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