A Harvard Teacher

They called me

We want you to teach at Harvard

Teach what?

Whatever. It’ll be your class. It’s your choice.

Really? Ok. Give me but a fortnight. I have to talk it over with my family.

5 minutes later…

*Ring Ring*
*I pick up the rotary phone*

Yes. Hello?

Ok. You’re gonna get a call from NYU. Don’t answer it. They’re gonna make you a huge offer. Bigger than ours! But you see, it won’t come with the same prestige.

Well…I can’t pay the bills with prestige, dear. That’s the problem.


Wait I think that’s them.

No wait! Don-

Jose? 5 million dollars. Two semesters. You in or out?

I’m in.

Ok. I’m emailing you a plane ticket right now. We need you to fly out by tomorrow.

No problem.


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