Random Pt. 20

Licking a big fat herpe off a guy’s lip

Calling a guy hip, who’s 5’6, and likes to dive sick

Stopping at a red light and blowing your brains out…a guy named Aine Miles

Eating a bowl of roaches and then eating the ass of old highschool coaches

Beating your wife and then beating your kids and then beating the cops that show up at your crib

You go fishing…you catch a salmon…and you’re so happy you shit out an almond

You move to Croatia…first day there…6 villagers are in your room looking at your underwear

You’re slurping an Italian Ice…then you go to Al’s Beef…

A co-worker loses his mind. He shows up to work and pops you and your boss with a nine

Force-feeding a starving Muslim swine. And he starts crying (pronounce it as crine)


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