So Cool

I’m singing Christmas Carols

I knew a guy named Daryl and a chick named Peprika

I speak a….smidget compared to my writing

I’m fighting, I’m boxing

While you watch videos of iPhone unboxings

You the type to watch the Trending videos on YouTube

Not me. I’m too cool to watch what’s trendy

On my brokest day, sir, you cannot outspend me

I got lotz of energy like the Drake song say

The day hasn’t even started and it’s already been a long day

Not for me tho, I’m the type to brag about my energy

When I was in school…I had a lot of enemies

And a few friends who thought Jose was cool to hang with

Everyday it is the same shit. I got my little routine going

I’m knowing that my writing is exciting to its author

I mean what could be better than providing your own excitement

Poetry is a boxing ring and I am its Mike Tyson

Before he bit a nigga’s ear off! lol


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