My writing has improved so much
I write in such a way. In a way so such
I don’t drink Crush, I just go for the Fanta
Last night I drove to Atlanta
For a poetry slam at a bar few attend
I came with no friends and left with a couple
My poems were subtle, my words were direct
I recited a hidden poem titled, A Jumbled Mess
It brought the house down indeed, the whole crowd was wildin’
I began the reading with a scowl and ended straight smiling
I was like, do I deserve to be happy, I haven’t felt joy in so long
I was gonna leave after I read mine but instead my stay I prolonged
I fucked with a few poems read, I’m usually just a fan of my own
I exchanged numbers with some, I said, I have to go home

Someone texted me this morning and said, Can you call me?
And re-read that poem?

I almost cried


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