A Rare Opportunity

Jesus was like.. if I forgive you
You’re just gonna go do the same shit all over again

Is that true, I asked myself
Am I just gonna do the same shit all over again

Jesus was like, you know…you’re not gonna believe this but I was kind of like you once

But all the bad shit I did, he continued, you’ll never read about in the Bible. Even though I told the apostles to include all the bad shit I did. But I guess they were insistent on making a saint out of me. But anyways, I’m guilty of many of the things I preached against. I don’t feel like getting into the details right now…Well…I’ll tell you one…one time I was walking around Nazareth and I saw a merchant drop a coin. He noticed it not. And I picked it up and instead of returning it to him…I kept it…

Wow, I said.

That night I changed my mind. I went looking for him. For days and days and I could not find him. My chest grew tight as I began to doubt whether I’d ever be able to right my wrong. I walked home after every search in the most dejected mood.

Never will I find him, is what I thought. I gave up. But a faint hope in me kept me vigilant, keeping an eye out for him at every turn. At the time, I wished for nothing more than to find this man.

Weeks later, I was walking home. I had just delivered a chair to a long-time client. The sun was hot like a burning cactus and I was drowning in my own sweat. A man tapped me on the shoulder and said, excuse me, is this your coin?

I was frozen in shock. He looked at me odd. And I said, no, it is yours.


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