Supreme Paranoia

People are after me
I look out of my window
And I see a strange car
I’ve never seen it before
What’s it doing here?
Is it after my ass?
Should my brown ass run?
I go get my fake gun
I’m about to shoot
I’m in the kitchen getting ready
Breathing heavy
Then breathing light
Ok. I go out flying high
Ahhhhh! I’m screaming
Gun pointed
But the car is no longer there

I’m scared 😦

I go back inside
I’m watching Family Feud
With Steve Harvey
I’m thinking about joining the Army
I look out the window. .
Oh shit! Oh crap! The car is back

What’s it doing here?
Fuck. I grab my fake gun and when I open the door
It takes off!!!

Fuck fuck fuck

I’m scared 😦


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