There’s a rumor
Around town it’s going
They say a certain guy
Is in his basement flowing

I’m here to say them rumors be valid
I’m the type to never order a salad
Nope. I stay away from healthy food
I avoid it like people
If I heard there was a plague in a nearby suburb
I’d go pay it a visit

I think the clock is ticking
When was time first invented?
These are the questions
Has time existed always
In my high school homeless people
Used to piss in the hallways

I’m all day with this chaotic tango of verbal mango
I hang yo, but the rope don’t choke
Instead it massages
My neck
I stick it out
Many folks respect that
But they respect is meaningless
Kuz tomorrow they’ll call retarded
Who today they called a genius

The best geniuses be self-proclaimed
I’m living in a society
Heading towards a state of no shame
I beat em to it! I’m always ahead of society
Ahead of the curve
I’m the type to burn down society
And store its remains in an urn


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