Mercedes Thoughts

Everyone is out to write the verse that’s perfect
Everyone ends up on Amazon when seeking the worthy purchase

That’s called a Monopoly, folks
The poor play Monopoly
The rich stand aside like good church boys
And make Monopoly jokes

Everyone is out to have fun maximum
Riding in a Dillinger packing Cadillac guns
Most ride trucks with woodgrain Flinstonian
I laced guitars with strings made of flutes
And made em sound like accordions

I levy murder like veggie burger
I never had one, are they good?
Now I could rhyme it with hood, should, or could
Or I can go out on a limb
And rhyme it with wood

I think a Chink is armor Chinese
I traveled to Greece
It was me, a flying monkey, and a flock of geese
Yup, we had a bigger blast than a NASA launch
If you’re a supporter of mine
You better be staunch

Ok…so what else. Life is but an aspect
How hot was the most beautiful Aztec?
Was she a dimepiece
When I get to Heaven I’ma find Robin Williams raunchy
And play with him Jumanji

My legacy…is all fucked up and twisted
It’s rather fitting
Of course I think I’m winning, of course I think I’m outwitting
I can’t stop frowning and can’t stop grinning
At the same time, weird

I think Fox News and CNN should merge together to become a monolithic Propagandist

I’m not the type to try Chantix

I’m a pure breed, a Nazi Latino

Nothing brings to light the magic of the mind like the fact you can get high off a placebo


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