A Busy Man

I told her, I’m very important baby
I have many tasks I must tend to
I went to a restaurant of 4 stars
And demanded to see a 5 star menu
I told my Uber driver….I’m not getting in that!
But then I got in…kuz I couldn’t afford to be late
To my dinner with Jack

Dorsey. Oh he
And I will be discussing
Business proposals of the most lucrative caliber
I took stimulants on the way there kuz he’s the ultimate chatterer

After my meeting with him
I went to a sauna
And the steam was actually smoke
From the plant called marijuana

Then….I forgot what I did
I think I blacked out in the sauna
And I woke up with the beautiful attendant
Hopping on top of me
Off to the side was a TV
She turned it on for me
And the news was airing a clip of me winning the lottery

Kind of cool. . .


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