Battle Rap

Battle Verses Pt. 1

Yo you formulating dated premeditated jokes to spew

You learned no new moves so no matter the notion the motions be few

You can’t outdo my EP, you couldn’t jump on one track, you couldn’t jump rope to a tune

I rap Kool G, I do PE so you can say I’m more dope than you

…man this guy is hopeless like a flying squirrel being nursed to health by a dying girl

This guy dwells in more misfortune than an orphan pondering his own abortion

He’s such a loon, he drilled a hole thru silverware just to fuck a spoon

Such a fag is he, for energy, he plugs into his butt a battery

But let’s get serious y’all

I let the cannon burst until my hand is hurt, and if it jams, it’s worse

Kuz I’m deadlier with these hands than any Bam! Blam! Burp!

So watch your mouth, like your tryna pop a zit bordering on your upper lip

I’m ordering his bitch to do extraordinary shit like pouring chlorine on her tits and rubbing them on my dick

He stands no chance kuz every verse he has gets ate like a turkey slab

My rhymes be inedible like the nastiest vegetable

So think twice, maybe even three times before competing

I earned my stars, I earned my stripes, now pledge allegiance!



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