Responding To Maxine

Dear Maxine,

Wtf is your problem?!! Jk. I don’t mind you not approaching me. Maybe you were not in the mood to talk but you were merely in the mood to watch what I do. That is understandable. I’ve been in that state myself before so I don’t resent you for it.

I actually chose neither. I felt like if I bought a candy bar it would’ve been out of pure gluttony. True, I could have saved it for later perhaps. But I live close to a gas station so whenever I have a sweet tooth I just go there. True I could have saved myself the trip. But I don’t mind the trip and I rather enjoy it.

Anyway, what’s up with you? How are the kids? I’m only asking out of politeness. I’m not really interested in the status of your kids. But you are someone I feel it’s worthwhile to be polite to since I think you are a decent friend to have. Do tell me about your kids. You never know…maybe I’m intrigued by something that you say about them.

Man, Maxine. I’ve been having a really rough time. Please let me know in your response if you would like to hear about it.

Bye Maxine. I look forward to reading your letter.

Take Care,



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