Random List Pt. 19

A guy eating a black peach at a track meet with Cadillac feet

An asteroid made of gold about to hit Earth, should we deter it or let it hit? In other words should we remain poor or get rich?

I met a Martian his name was Stevie, he said Jose, I like to hit the weedie

I crossed the street without looking and got hit by a semi, I woke up and I was in bed

I converted to Islam and I crossed it with Buddhist, an imam pulled me aside and told me I cannot do this

I entered the most ghetto part of Romania and my heart stopped when I saw, a crow bark and a dog caw

I hosted a party with DJ Clue, I got on the turn tables and played Rock & Roll blues

I entered the dungeon of Heaven, I didn’t know there was one, I was surprised when I realized it was stocked up with guns

I woke up in a cold sweat and I started thinking, Lord where are you, He said to me, where are you? Damn.

I wrote me a last rhyme, let’s just say baseball was not my favorite pastime


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