Aladdin Flows

I got the soul of Mitt Romney with the mind of Obama
I abuse the comma and make sentences longa
So long like goodbyes
I’m spry so I’m mobile
I saw a Sprint representative blow up a T-Mobile
I used to bump B96
Back when on the air was Eddie and Jobo
I’m the hombre lobo

I had lunch with Trish Stratus
And then did batting practice with Greg Maddux
I just about had it with the status quo
I slept with Ariel
Even tho Jasmine is Aladdin’s hoe
Pure cocaine, I call that Aladdin Snow
Don’t make me have to tag a toe
Go to Red Lobster and watch me eating crab and more!
I explore. I adore. And I just found the graham crackers
Who’s up for some smores?!


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