The Crazy Flow

Ok I have a few minutes
To dedicate to
My blog to medicate you
I saw renegade youth
In the streets of Paris
Serious niggas
Like Justice Clarence
I drove parents
To a soccer game
And forgot to pick em up
So an hour later I sent
My automated truck
To get em
Aliens I met em in Neptune
In a city called Neptuna
I brought them food from Earth
Called Tuna
They were psyched about it
Their mouths watered and foamed
The Year of Magical Thinking
Like Joan Didion, Didion Joan
Keeping up with the Joneses, huh?
The loans, the Cubs
The shrugs at all vicinities
Waiting on my downfall
Is like counting to infinity
I’m Holy like the Trinity
I took a dip in serendipity
Quickly how I move it along
Show me your boobs in a thong

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