Gravediggers be digging my dark mood
Take my advice and go sit on a harpoon
The dark moon; I draw dark toons
The arc looms; the spark is fumes
The fumes is sparks; in the park is narks
Bad boys don’t have the heart to bark
I growl a towel into pieces and stripes
I’m as silent as the feet on a mice
Oops I mean mouse
I live in a dark house
And I rest on a dark couch
Everything is dark, dark humor, dark everything
I have a dark skinned fiance and I purchased for her a dark wedding ring
A dark chart, that says the world is collapsing
A dark collapse of the colors on maps
A dark crap, in the dark taken
I want to vacation where there’s no light
A dark vacation
The darkest nation, of course I’m gonna rhyme that
A dark Minecraft, dark mine shaft
Dark minds banging heads offa street signs
Dark mini-marts; its bathroom contains dark arts
Dark shark, a dark but innocent reticent tart
Dark boxers, in a boxing ring, lights canceled
In the dark dismantle flesh of the opposer
A dark poser, dark composer
The dark knows her
Dark, covert
Dark closure, dark disclosure
Dark everything, everything remains deftly dark
Definitely dark. I spark dark the well-lit hell pit
Dark dark.
Bark bark.


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