United Grill

I’m at the United Grill with shills igniting thrills and delighting pills extend the night

The pen, the might, so much might. I feel the mighty Mite. I’m taking might to a brand new height

But at the same time I’m just a poor boy, given a poor choice but I’m not complaining!

I complain on behalf of others. Those I call sisters and brothers

I’m at the United Grill. With knighted gills and signing bills that Congress passes

I touched the asses of waitresses and they may not or may have kissed the young prince’s lips

I double parked the plane. Meter maids have gone insane. The doctor says for pain take a thousand of these. And only then will you be at ease

I picked up a hydrant of fire and flung it at a guy named Kire and his head got bruised and he threw at me his shoe

I hugged a tree and its branches hugged me back. To me the tree is my Dad and I am its rugrat


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