Random List Pt. 17

The Disney Channel. The flannel eclipsed lunars. The camel on smokes spoke to consumers

The panic felt when the index finger’s feeling a tumor

The news crew. Talking bout who’s who. Unlimited YouTube

The government shut down. Bureaucrats perish in bathed sin

Unmade bunk bed belonging to made men

The paradoxical nature of nomenclature

The waiter tips the driver. The driver tips the waiter

No buttons on an elevator – as you get in…doors close

On the West Coast is New York, and the ocean is made of chunky red Coke

The SNL cast casts a demon on live TV and society freaks

The dimension is now under suspension, it left my office sad

I had sex with Dana Bash & now when she appears on CNN I laugh

I got hired by Fox News to insult my own race but when I got on air I made the opposite case

In January I’ma killer canary and in February I’ll say I SANGtuary


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